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Twinkle FX Eyeshadow - Shooting Star

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Shooting Star is white with mulitcolored sparkles. (silver, green, gold and more)

Shooting Star is one from our twinkle/sparkle shadow collection. Our sparkles are mineral based and are made from mineral platelets of Calcium-Aluminum-Borosilicate which are very transparent and reflective. (Glitter is typically made from metal or plastic.). This also makes them much smoother & softer to the touch

Our shadows are extremely pigmented, vibrant and intense. A little of our eyeshadows goes a long way.

5 gram sifter jar packed FULL weighs approx. 1-1.5gram net weight

Our jars are packed FULL to the BRIM (and often overflowing!). We tamp down the jars and add more product until we cant fit any more in the jar!

Our eyeshadows are very pigmented and finely milled for a super smooth and silky texture.

mica, titanium dioxide, magnesium stearate, iron oxide , calcium aluminum borosilicate, silica

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