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Twinkle Dust Collection
Twinkle Dust Collection

Twinkle Dust Collection

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Natural Glitter. Our Twinkle Dust- Sparkle FX Glitters are eye safe & lip safe!

Twinkle Dust Glitters are mineral based and are made from mineral platelets of Calcium-Aluminum-Borosilicate which are very transparent and reflective. (Glitter is typically made from metal or plastic.). This also makes them much smoother & softer to the touch.

These are the same sparkles we use in our Twinkle FX eyeshadows. These look white in the jars but apply with brilliant bursts of color & sparkle. These are gorgeous layered over any eyeshadow and can also be mixed into eyeshadows and used on lips.

This set comes in a 5 gram individual jars. Each jar holds 1 gram net weight

The Twinkle Dusts are Natural Glitter, intended to used over eyeshadows or to give sparkle to eyeshadows, they are not an eyeshadow. An eyeshadow base is not added

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