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Rainbows End-Chromaflake Eyeshadow Flakes Collection

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Please Note: Our Chroma-Flakes apply similar to Glitter. Pictures show the product packed on with a glitter adhesive to show the colors and shifts. 

Rainbows End Chromaflake Collection consists of 6 bright, vivid and super shifty flakie shades

Menagerie (Pink to Coral to Orange Shift)
Prism (Blue to Green to Purple Shift)
Rainbow Chaser (Translucent Orange to Gold to Green Shift)
Rainbow Magic (Green to Gold to Pink Shift)
Spectra (Lavender to Pink shift)
Sunbow (Lemon Yellow to Green to Coral shift)

Our Chromaflake Eyeshadows are a multi-chrome (color shifting) soft and very thin flake with amazing and unique colors shifts.

Best applied with the finger over a sticky base such as a glitter adhesive. Our Glitter FX Foiling serum works well as does our Glitz Fix.

Use a TINY amount of your sticky base, allow it to become tacky and dab or pat the Chromaflake on top of the fixative. 

These are approved for use in the eye area, but due to the larger flake size we recommend caution and care when using around the eyes.

.20 gr. Our Chromaflakes are super light and fluffy. These are filled by weight, not volume. Contents may settle. These do not have a sifter, use care when opening.

Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxide, Silica, Aluminum, Zinc Oxide.

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