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Premium Loose Glitter-Sweet Tart
Premium Loose Glitter-Sweet Tart

Premium Loose Glitter-Sweet Tart

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Sweet Tart is a unique blend of vivid turquoise, bright magenta and kiwi green glitters

MBA Cosmetics Premium Loose Glitters are different than our regular loose glitters. What makes them different is that each of our Premium Glitters are a special blend, or a unique to MBA Cosmetics, blend.

Our Premium Glitter jars are much larger than our regular loose glitters. The Premium Glitters are in a 12 gram volume jar and holds 5.1 grams of glitter.

The jars have a flip top cap, that is perfect for pouring out a small amount of glitter, or the opening is the perfect size for dipping a brush into the glitter. The lids have a snap shut cap that prevents leaks or spills.

5.1 grams, flip top cap jar

PET Polymers Cosmetic Grade Glitter

As will ALL glitters. The FDA has never approved glitter for use in cosmetics. Cosmetic Glitter has been used for decades. Presently the FDA says they have no evidence that glitter, as used in cosmetics poses a health risk, and at this time are taking no action on the situation.

We always advise to use caution and care when using cosmetic grade glitter. Use at your own discretion.

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