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Perfecting Powder 20gr
Perfecting Powder 20gr

Perfecting Powder 20gr

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MBA Perfecting Powder Primer nourishes the skin with pure silk and pearl powder

Apply a light dusting of our perfecting powder primer with a large powder brush or a kabuki brush prior to applying mineral foundation

Brush Not Included . Photo Prop Only.

Silk Powder: Silk Powder is a natural moisture-adjusting product... this means that it can absorb or release moisture as the temperature and humidity changes in your environment. Silk powder also contains amino acids and both reflects and absorbs UV rays. Silk powder possesses the unique ability of absorbing oil, therefore, it is suitable for those with oily skin. But, it is also suitable for those with dry skin that want to hold moisture in.Silk Dust refines your pores and fine lines and primes your face for flawless, even application of Mineral Makeup.

Pearl Powder: Traditionally recognized benefits of using pearl powder products include :skin brightening, anti-wrinkle, enhances elasticity, calms & soothes, protects from environmental radicals, regulates skin discoloration, and smoothes skin texture.

Pashmica: Pashmica is the perfect paring of natural mineral mica with silky smooth silica (also a natural mineral) which rolls and glides over the skin, resulting in a cushiony powder that imparts a soft-focus and blurrs fine lines and pores.

Allantoin: An active skin protectant used for its soothing , softening and moisturizing properties. Derived from comfrey, allantoin is also said to have anti-aging properties.

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