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Mineral Blush-Sweetheart
Mineral Blush-Sweetheart

Mineral Blush-Sweetheart

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Loose Mineral Blush-Sweetheart
Sweetheart is a soft warm pink with a red undertone and works well with lighter skin tones.

Our loose mineral blushes are silky smooth, beautiful coverage and are long wearing.

Zinc Oxide USP has calming and healing effects and is excellent for problem skin such as rosacea and acne. It is sweat and water resistant, and offers protection from the sun.
Titanium Dioxide has waterproof and SPF properties.
Mica makes the foundation smooth and silky and gives it transparency
Iron Oxides is used for color
Ultramarine Blue is required in some cool shades
Kaolin Clay is used for its oil absorbing abilities

Our jars are packed FULL to the brim (and often overflowing!)We fill the jars and tamp them down until we cant fit anymore product in the jar :-)

*Note: Mineral Makeup jar sizes & weights may be confusing. There is a difference between the the jar volume and net weight.

5 gram jar by volume is 1-2 gram net weight of minerals
10 gram jar by volume is 3 gram net weight of minerals
20 gram jar by volume is 6 gram net weight of minerals
30 gram jar by volume is 10 gram net weight of minerals

Federal law requires that the NET WEIGHT of the product be listed on the label and not the volume.

(To think of it another way: If a 20 gram jar was filled with a liquid or solid ingredient it would weigh 20 grams. But since minerals are so light weight, a full jar of minerals has less net weight than liquid or solids)

Mica, titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxides, kaolin clay

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