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*Loose Cosmetic Glitter 'Peacock'
*Loose Cosmetic Glitter 'Peacock'

*Loose Cosmetic Glitter 'Peacock'

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Peacock is a very unique color shifting glitter. It looks blue to green, to teal if different light. And if you catch just the right light it may even have a purple-ish haze

Cosmetic Glitter is very popular for cosmetics & nail art. Glitter is NOT approved for use in makeup by the FDA, although many companies do use it in cosmetics. It has not been tested or approved in the US by the FDA, however this doesnt mean that its unsafe. Cosmetic Glitter is approved for use in cosmetics in other countries. Use at your own discretion.

.008 particle size.

Packaged in a 5 gram volume jar holds 1-2gram net weight.


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