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Glow With The Flow-Neon Eyeshadow Collection

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Glow With The Flow Neon Eyeshadow Bundle is consists of 7 neons and a white eyeshadow

Lava Lamp is a neon magenta/red

Screamin' Flamingo is a neon hot pink

Atomic Tangerine is a very bright neon orange

Electric Lemonade is a blindingly bright neon yellow

Proton Purple is a bright neon purple

Bioluminescece is a bright neon blue

Radioactive is a bright neon green

White Lightning is basic matte white

Our Glow With The Flow Eyeshadows have a matte texture with a powdery/chalk like texture. We recommend an eyeshadow base/primer for best adhesion.

Mica, Silica, Zinc Oxide, Magnesium Stearate, CAS No 7576-65-1, CAS No 1328-53-6, CAS No 39393-39-0, CAS No 3068-39-1

1.5 gram 26mm pans

Available as Pan ONLY bundle (no compacts or palettes), or add a magnetic re-usable palette.


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