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Brush Cleaner Soap-Blackberry Magnolia
Brush Cleaner Soap-Blackberry Magnolia

Brush Cleaner Soap-Blackberry Magnolia

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We know that washing makeup brushes can be such a tedious chore. Our scented brush cleaner soap will make the task much more enjoyable. They are just so pretty to look at and smell simply DIVINE!

? Blackberry Magnolia ? Ripe blackberries mingle with notes of apple, magnolia, melon and sugar crystals.

Our Brush Cleaner soap is made with sulfate & detergent free, glycerin soap to be gentle on your precious makeup brushes! We have embedded mini acrylic diamonds, acrylic ice crystals and/or acrylic pearls in every brush cleaner soap to aid in quickly and effectively getting your makeup brushes squeaky clean!

To use, wet your brush and swirl into the jar of brush cleaner soap, then rinse your brushes. Do not hold the brush cleaner soap under running water while cleaning your brushes. Doing so will only waste your brush cleaner soap.


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